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A deep dive into Grand Central Dispatch in Swift
Grand Central Dispatch is one of those fundamental technologies that most Swift developers have used countless times. This week, let’s go beyond async and take a look at some situations where GCD can be really useful, and how it can provide simpler (and more “Swifty”) options to many other Foundation APIs.

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Protocols in Swift and Objective-C are a powerful tool to decouple your code. Having optional members is sometimes the right conceptual model for your design. How can you design your protocols to provide optional semantics without specifying them as optional or @optional?

In this tutorial we will create a Facebook Messenger bot, a simple one, that just respond us with a reversed message and a structured messages with Swift. We will start from scratch to get a complete working bot.

If you’re anything like Kristian it weighs heavily on you every time your “forced” to add a 3rd party blob of binary disaster code to your app.

Swift manual views layouting without auto layout, no magic, pure code, full control and FAST! Concise syntax, readable & chainable.

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