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Building a Scrollable Custom Tab Bar in SwiftUI
You may want to build a custom tab bar using SwiftUI to suit your iOS app project. This tutorial walks you through the technique to build an animated tab bar.

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Compare objects, classes, enums, and structs using the binary (==) operator after implementing the Equatable protocol.

When you need to download or upload data in iOS apps, use the `URLSession` class to group, pause, resume and cancel network transfers.

I’m excited to announce two new open source Swift packages: swift-certificates and swift-asn1. Together, these libraries provide developers a faster and safer implementation of X.509 certificates, a critical technology that powers the security of TLS.

In Swift, we have many options to mark a method deprecated. Let's explore all of them.

Back-deployable APIs, more implicit self upgrades, improved result builders, and more!

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Learn how developers are creating immersive surround-sound experiences.

This Women’s History Month, meet the female founders, creators, developers, and designers behind some of our favorite apps and games.