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iOS development trends in review
2022 has come to an end, and it is a perfect time for retrospective analysis. Today I want to review trends in iOS development over the past year that I notice while building my own apps or consulting others.

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Enum usage in Swift explained. How to use If case and fallthrough. How to make them equatable and how to iterate over all cases.

While I was working on a mixed UIKit and SwiftUI project, I needed a way to access the UIHostingController within the SwiftUI view so that I could use it for interacting with other UIKit methods. T…

The If statement is not the only conditional statement in Swift, nor is it the most used. Guard statements are more common and solve specific problems.

Learn how to test for unwrapped optional values in a switch statement.

The onDelete modifier enables item deletion on every row. Let's learn how to disable this on particular rows.

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The non-fungible tokens, or in short NFTs, have one the most influential roles in the crypto and Web3 scene. These are digital assets that can represent digital art, virtual collectibles, assets in games, and more. Ethereum Foundation introduced the ERC-721 standard in 2017, which helped all the crypto wallets, brokers, and protocols to use this feature in a translatable way between any crypto solution. In this post, we will look more deeply into the ERC-721 standard and explore how it is used in the Solidity programming language for the Ethereum blockchain.

Engineering goals with measurable, time-bound targets will challenge you to grow further and become a successful engineer.