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30,000 lines of SwiftUI in production later: We love it but you know there was going to be a “but” shipped this month on the App Store. It was built entirely in SwiftUI. It was in development for 12 months. It would have been less if SwiftUI just gave. Unfortunately, repeatedly it would take.

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Discover the significance of effective peer feedback for mobile developers, and learn strategies for crafting constructive, beneficial feedback that helps your colleagues grow. 

How to easily make the slowest operation in Swift ~20% faster with an order file.

Learn how to use SwiftUI view as a UIView in a UIKit project that uses a Storyboard.

The Swift Charts framework is an excellent example of composition. In the previous posts, we saw how we could use different marks on the same chart view to plot different data points. This week we will learn how to use composition to build new custom mark types and reuse them across the app.

How the content offset of a SwiftUI ScrollView can be observed without bridging to UIKit.

In a recent post, I presented an approach for succeeding on take-home iOS-developer coding challenges. (For brevity, I henceforth refer to these particular coding challenges as “coding challenges”.) The model solution in that post used UIKit because, at the time...

Apple is working on a new Home accessory that is designed to serve as a central hub for smart home management. The Apple TV and the HomePod are...