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11 Considerations to Update Your App for iOS 11 - Savvy Apps
Another WWDC keynote has come and gone. 2017 saw Apple focus on six particular areas, including announcements for the Apple TV, Apple Watch, Mac, iPad, the new HomePod, and of course, iOS 11.
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Every year at WWDC Apple blesses us with plenty of new awesome tools that we can’t wait to implement in our apps.

How to parse 100,000 date strings in 0.67 seconds.
Open source
A basic Augmented Reality shooter made with ARKit in Swift (iOS 11).

A smart and easy-to-use image masking and cutout SDK for mobile apps.

Analytics abstraction layer for Swift.

An extension for Alamofire that converts JSON data into Decodable objects.

Flawless App is easy-to-use diff tool, which compares initial design and implementation right inside iOS simulator. Tool helps spot any visual difference between expected result and initial design.
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