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30 Amazing iOS Swift Libraries for the Past Year
Top 30 open source libraries written in Swift!

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Uber's mobile engineers leverage code generation to make our applications more reliable and boost developer productivity.

Several helpful extensions to the Optional type in order to simplify using it.

Every programmer should have heard of Rx. It is almost impossible not to have heard of it, but what exactly is Reactive Programming?
When it comes to living or working in small spaces, great architecture is essential. When you step into the house of Tinder, you see a simple, modern design. But if these walls could talk, they’d have a lot to say.

For Bool variables, it is common to want to toggle the state of the variable. In larger (nested) structs, the duplication involved can become especially annoying.

Mocking is a key technique when it comes to writing unit tests in pretty much any language. Whether we're testing networking code, code relying on hardware sensors like the accelerometer, or code using system APIs like location services - mocking can enable us to write tests a lot easier.

Advanced usage of UIAlertController with TextField, DatePicker, PickerView, TableView and CollectionView.

A community-driven replacement for JSQMessagesViewController.

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