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5 Secrets of Reactive Programming
Greg Heo's talk on 5 concepts in RxSwift and Reactive programming.
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What's new and the changes introduced in UIKit animations in Swift 4, including new animator behaviors.
If you started your iOS development career in Objective-C, especially pre ARC Objective-C, you’re probably very familiar with the above-mentioned concepts. If you started with Swift, some of them might be a bit murky, hopefully, by the end of this post, you’ll get to know them a bit better.
Let's take a look at some common concepts of identity that we have at our disposal in Swift, and how we can use them in different ways for values and objects.
A community-driven replacement for JSQMessagesViewController.
Nice library to show placeholders for any UITableView in your project.
In this session, we’ll explore the various uses and abuses of view controllers in search of a better way of structuring our applications.

A curated list of awesome ARKit projects and resources.
Measure distance using Apple's ARKit.

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