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Everything You Need to Know About iOS 14 Widgets
Static vs. dynamic widgets, smart widgets, intent donations, and more.

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As (possibly) a response to jailbreaking become popular again in recent times, Apple has released their own solution to hackers creating compromised versions of your app.

Apple has a rich history of supporting the PDF file format, but when and how did its relationship with the PDF format begin?

Learn how to integrate SwiftUI today in your UIKit app and make use of a useful extension which adds those views in just one line of code.

In iOS 14, we have a new way to put images along with texts.

Tools & Libraries
Apps that have helped me boost productivity.

We’re going to talk about some specific monad instances, the Reader-Writer-State trio. We’re actually going to look at them a bit out of order, starting with State.
UIStackView was purposefully switched to using a CALayer instead of a CATransformLayer.