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Blurring the Lines Between MVVM and VIPER
If you have been developing mobile apps for a while, you’ve probably heard of MVVM and VIPER. While some people say MVVM does not scale well, some others say VIPER is an overkill. In fact they are very similar and we don’t even need to separate the two.
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A new implementation of implicitly unwrapped optionals (IUOs) landed in the Swift compiler earlier this year and is available to try in recent Swift snapshots. This completes the implementation of SE-0054 - Abolish ImplicitlyUnwrappedOptional Type. This is an important change to the language that eliminated some inconsistencies in type checking and clarified the rule of how these values are to be treated so that it is consistent and easy to reason about.

Closures are a huge part of modern API design. From asynchronous APIs with callbacks, to functional operations (like using forEach or map on a collection) - closures are everywhere, both in the Swift standard library and in the apps we write as third party developers.
We all love protocol extensions, one of the most powerful element of protocol oriented programming (POP) in Swift. Despite their unquestionable benefits, there are some rare cases where you should avoid them.
How to approach table & collections management by forgetting data/delegate patterns in pure type-safe Swift style.

Looking for interviews Q&A? Need to find iOS chart, UI library, Swift tips or free courses? Whatever you’re looking you will find that on GitHub…

Conquering an instance of Xcode’s friendly “This app could not be installed at this time” message.

Five simple techniques to learn how other apps are built.
 A simple way to create custom interactive UIViewController transitions.

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