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Break the Monolith with (B)Viper Modules
It’s becoming a trend that the lifespan of a mobile app be longer, and as such, good architecture is necessary because an app is increasingly diffficult to build.
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Protocol oriented programming is certainly mind-blowing, and you can do amazing things with it — but it certainly has its limits in the current version of Swift (3.0.2).

AppDelegate is typically a huge class. It knows too much about your application and it progressively becomes a mess. Fernando Martín Ortiz shows us how to decouple it from its sub-functionalities by creating a clean plugin-based architecture.

Xcode is the most famous IDE for native iOS development. As developers, we use it on daily basis. Some of us love it, others hate it. Nevertheless, it’s worth spending some time to brush up our Xcode skills and make us more productive.
Spruce is a lightweight animation library that helps choreograph the animations on the screen. With so many different animation libraries out there, developers need to make sure that each view is animating at the appropriate time. Spruce can help designers request complex multi-view animations and not have the developers cringe at the prototype.
Set of cool animated page controls to replace boring UIPageControl.
This talk will argue for an important proviso: what a lot of these talks are trying to discuss is not value types, but value semantics.

A collection of curated animation files for Lottie (Airbnb). Use these and make your Apps and the internet prettier.

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