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Building a Tinder-esque Card Interface
Phill Farrugia shows us how to build simplified version of the Tinder-esque card interface from scratch.
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Modern iOS devices support data protection, which secures user data using built-in encryption hardware. Here, we’ll look at how apps can use this to protect their files, collecting details from a few sources, combined with my own observations.
Ever since blocks were introduced into Objective-C as part of iOS 4 they have been an important part of most modern APIs for Apple's platforms. The convention of using blocks also carried over to Swift with closures, which is a language feature that most of us use every single day. But even though closures are very widely used, there's a lot of behaviors and caveats to keep in mind when using them.
It’s all too easy to pass information around in your code as strings or ints, but this can soon catch up with you.

Swift is a very nice language because it tries to make the programmer do the right thing from the very beginning.

How to build a micro Auto layout DSL by Chris Eidhof.
DrawerKit lets an UIViewController modally present another UIViewController in a manner similar to the way Apple's Maps app works.

An iOS picker view to serve all your "picking" needs.
Modern interface to UserDefaults + Codable support.

Catch leaking view controllers without opening Instruments.

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