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Building an enum-based analytics system in Swift
Gathering some form of analytics from your users is super important when continuously building, iterating on and improving a product. Learning how your users use your app in real life situations can sometimes be really surprising and take its development in new directions or act as inspiration for new features.

While there are definitely ways to take it too far and be very creepy with analytics, there are also many ways to implement systems that both inform you of how your product is actually used, while still respecting your users' privacy, data usage and overall experience.

However, implementing a solid analytics system that is also easy to use in code can be really difficult. This week, let's take a look at how such a system can be architected and implemented, based on one of favorite Swift features - enums!

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Apple has unveiled a new collection of open-source utility code for Swift developers, grown out of its Swift Package Manager project. The collection contains some interesting new data types (OrderedSet – hurray!), some tools to make command line programs easier to write, and some helpers for common tasks like temporary files and SHA hashing.

Swift is an incredibly expressive and powerful programming language. We’re going to explore some of Swift’s language features that can make your code easier to read.

Objective-C runtime visibility and the depths of dynamic dispatch in the modern Swift era.

Lately, I’ve been taking advantage of Swift’s functional abilities where it makes sense to help me write concise and clear code that’s easy to test. I’d like to share one technique that has helped me to eliminate repetition and breakages of encapsulation in tests: function injection.

Lightbox is a convenient and easy to use image viewer for your iOS app, packed with all the features you expect.

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