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Collection: Making a Real World Application With SwiftUI
A collection of articles on how to make a full featured iOS, iPadOS and macOS application using exclusively SwiftUI.

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During one discussion friend asked "How far can we go with UserDefaults?" while another said "You shouldn't be storing ... in UserDefaults".
An overview of process, tips, and pitfalls we learned while bringing Dynamic Type to Airbnb.

If you rely on size changes to build adaptive layouts, you should review your code for iOS 13.
In this post I would like to point the most important things which were mentioned during Core NFC Enhancements talk on WWDC 2019.
Disclaimer: this article refers to the first Swift implementation of collection diffing. The implementation itself has already been improved, however the concepts behind this article are exactly the same.

Let’s take a look at how we can use modifiers to display Modals, Alerts, ActionSheets, and Popovers.

Libraries & Tools
🎨 Powerful theme/skin manager for iOS 8+.
In Beta 5 ObjectBinding is now defined in Combine as ObservableObject (the property wrapper is now @ObservedObject).