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Continuous integration and delivery with fastlane and CircleCI
Sixt team shares their approach to continuous integration and delivery for their iOS applications. Over the past year, it became crucial for their development process to change the way they do CI and CD.

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Composition is a super useful technique that lets us share code between multiple types in a more decoupled fashion. It's often posed as an alternative to subclassing, with phrases like "Composition over inheritance" - which is the idea of composing functionality from multiple individual pieces, rather than relying on an inheritance tree.

Let’s talk about creating understandable and maintainable code in Swift 4, code that can be easily read by other programmers, can be readily debugged, can be reused, and can be enhanced and extended in the future.

Architecture in iOS became a quite popular topic. Personally, I love it. But let’s stop for a minute and think out loud about MVC vs MVVM.

Associated type requirements make your code generic. Learn why.

In this article, Matt looks at what the Cocoa application design pattern becomes if we take away the need for a controller.

🗂 Never use NSSearchPathForDirectoriesInDomains again. Never.

A SlackTextViewController replacement written in Swift for the iPhone X.

🌉 A Bridge for Sending Messages between Swift and JavaScript in WKWebViews.

Self hosted and embeddable Swift Playground solution with a third-party module support baked in.

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