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Creating Rich Custom UI Notifications

In this talk, Craig will show you how you can build an unique user experience using custom UI for notifications.

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These 4 tips can be applied to testing asynchronous code, illustrated with practical examples from different domains.
Array is a very common data collection. We use it pretty much every day. Array in Swift is very powerful and provides several features. In this article, we'll discuss one of them: ArraySlice.

In this article you will get a different way to play with UITableView; it’s called declarative approach and it allows to simplify the entire workflow to manage the content of the table views.

To help designers and developers manage the various permutations of screen sizes, Apple has introduced Size Classes which organize all of these screen sizes for each device and orientation into two categories.

To adopt Git in everyday development, a model called Gitflow was created to help simplify release management. Learn how to get started with Gitflow!

A project to create a blazingly fast Swift game engine that is a joy to use!

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