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Securely lock your secrets under the watch of TouchID or FaceID keeper 🔒.

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In the past, the way I test a custom URL scheme is to go to Safari and open up any of my custom URLs. If you are still doing that, there is a better alternative.

Create the classic snake game in SwiftUI without a grid.
An overview of the tools and directives that enable us to influence how our Swift code gets compiled, and what sort of situations that each of those tools might be particularly useful in.

Using multiple Text weights in SwiftUI is possible by combining views into one. Keep wrapping without using NSAttributedString.

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Have you ever wondered how much time a day you spend waiting for Xcode to do your builds?
On iOS 14 beta 5 a #SwiftUI TextField inside a List row will automatically be scrolled into visible range when the keyboard appears. Beta 4 seems to only do this when inside a ScrollView.
Haskell Love conference from 2020.