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Dealing With Asynchrony in a Synchronous Swift World
How do we deal with Swift code that executes in a mostly straight line when there are so many side tangents and threads to wait around for?

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Dependency Injection is a way of injecting the dependencies into your class. Your class declares it’s dependencies (e.g. via a constructor parameter) and whoever is using your class can provide those dependencies. This way we don’t hard-code dependencies into our classes and our codebase is a lot more flexible.
This guide is now permalinked at Swift 4 and Foundation has finally answered the question of how to parse JSON with Swift.
React Native is a new native library that vastly changes the way in which you can create applications. The majority of the information and tutorials on the subject come from the angle of "you are a web developer, and want to do native".
Simple way to add parallax header to UIScrollView/UITableView written in Swift.

Paralayout is a set of simple, useful, and straightforward utilities that enable pixel-perfect layout in iOS.
A Swift based reimplementation of the Apple HUD (Volume, Ringer, Rotation,…).

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