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Swiftenstein is a partial reimplementation of ID Software's 1992 classic FPS Wolfenstein 3D in Swift for iOS. It is not a complete game, just a single-level tech demo.
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Learn how to track down memory leaks in your iOS app, and more specifically, you RxSwift-based code base.

Indirect enums are enums that need to reference themselves somehow, and are called “indirect” because they modify the way Swift stores them so they can grow to any size.
Pop quiz: in a `UIButton`, how do you set a padding of 10pt between the image and the title?
CwlViews is a library that offers declarative construction for all common iOS and macOS view and application objects.
Let’s take a look at how we can wrap Sequence in generic containers, that’ll let us encapsulate various algorithms behind easy-to-use APIs.

Since then, Bitcode has proven instrumental in the seamless overnight transition of watchOS to 64-bit, where developers didn't even need to recompile their apps.

Soroush discusses abstraction — what it is, and what it isn’t. He steps through the process of taking code that went from good to bad, and find ways to make it good again.
Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy are incredibly convenient—but increasingly at the center of a lot of security lapses.