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The big Facebook crash of 2020 and the problem of third-party SDK creep
I know we’re not living in the best time of our lives right now. If you're the type of person who worries about their privacy and security online, this post may cause you anxiety.
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Programmatic navigation, customization, and more.
Code structure and organization is a matter of pride for developers. Clear and consistent code signifies clear and consistent thought.

Why we changed our default for opening web links from SFSafariViewController to the Safari app.

Let's see how to use the new APIs, but most importantly, how they are implemented inside the Swift compiler.

Custom string interpolation adjusts the way an object is printed out when used inside another string. 
It is my pleasure to announce a new set of Linux distributions officially supported by the Swift project.
GitHub just changed the programming game.

We write a JSON parser from scratch in Haskell and learn about basics of parsing.