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Express Yourself Swift Style
Express yourself, literally! See how Swift literal expressions can spice up your Swifty data structures.

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xcodebuild how to: Exit Code 65 solution for iOS and macOS.
Deploying code should be easy. It should happen often, and it should involve its engineers. For Etsyweb, this looks like continuous deployment.
Rob Napier explains a common problem that happens with mapping, nesting.

This guide is a collection of the most common vulnerabilities found in iOS applications. The focus is on vulnerabilities in the applications’ code and only marginally covers general iOS system security, Darwin security, C/ObjC/C++ memory safety, or high-level application security.
Aleksandar Vacić shows us how to find methods that take over 100ms to finish type-checking.
Implementing the YOLO object detection neural network in Metal on iOS.

All full-length talks from UIKonf 2017.

The new native!
Extend your GitHub workflow beyond your browser with our Desktop Beta, completely redesigned with Electron. Get a unified cross-platform experience that’s completely open source and ready to customize.

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