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Client Consistency at Slack
In this post, we’ll discuss the reasons why we decided to discontinue the Libslack C++ project, and what we are doing in place of it.
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Let’s take a look at a few different techniques that can let us achieve a nice balance between code reuse and configurability.

We are taking Flutter and React Native for a spin to figure out the ultimate champion of the cross-platform app development market!

One of the biggest advantages of a strong type system is that carefully chosen types can make illegal states unrepresentable in your programs.
In Firefox 70 we changed how pixels get to the screen on macOS. This allows us to do less work per frame when only small parts of the screen change.
It’s vital for developer productivity that the compiler can produce proper guidance in any situation, especially incomplete or invalid code.

Libraries & Tools
Extracts the build settings of an Xcode project into xcconfig build configuration files.

AltStore is an alternative iOS App Store with a built-in Nintendo emulator.
And anyone can download it, no jailbreak required.