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Generating Text With Markov Chains in Swift

At a theoretical level, a Markov chain is a state machine where each transition has a probability associated with it. You can walk through the chain by choosing a start state and then transitioning to subsequent states randomly, weighted by the transition probabilities, until you reach a terminal state.
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The delegate pattern has long been very prominent on Apple's platforms. Delegation is used for everything from handling table view events using UITableViewDelegate, to modifying cache behavior using NSCacheDelegate. The core purpose of the delegate pattern is to allow an object to communicate back to its owner in a decoupled way. By not requiring an object to know the concrete type of its owner, we can write code that is much easier to reuse and maintain.
How to develop support for manipulating files inside your app’s sandboxed directory structure — but, with code which has been designed and written in Swift by leveraging two relatively new methodologies: protocol-oriented programming (POP) and value semantics. 
Cutting down GO-JEK’s Compile Time from 30 minutes to under 3 minutes.

Communicating to cells inside of UICollectionViews, UITableViews, or UIScrollViews, has always been a challenge. It almost always relies on a messy process of trying to relay the scroll to progress to cells in triggering special scrolling effects. We’ve designed this framework to minimize the effort needed to animate views. With a simple blocks-based builder we’ve made it easy to define view states—from where they appear and where they will disappear to.
An animated avatar that responds to text field interactions. Inspired by the amazing work done by other designers and developers, specifically Darin Senneff's amazing work. The Login Critter uses several UIPropertyAnimator. The head rotation is controlled by updating the fractionComplete property for an animator. As the user types, the animator's fraction complete is calculated by text width / text field width.

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