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Improving Swift compile times
For all its awesomeness, one thing that can sometimes be quite cumbersome when working with Swift on a bit larger scale is how long it can currently take to compile.
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Protobuf, the binary format crafted by Google, surpasses JSON performance even on JavaScript environments like Node.js/V8 and web browsers.

On Zeplin’s macOS app, over the past few months, we’ve started developing new features without using Interface Builder or Storyboards.

Easy interactive interruptible custom ViewController transitions.

People tell you that you’re supposed to avoid mutable state, but how can anything happen if you never call a setter? People tell you that you’re supposed to write unit tests, but how can you test a user interaction? People tell you that you’re supposed to make your code reusable, but how can you factor it out of your enormous view controllers?

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