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Reddit uses markdown for all of its posts and comments and so I needed a way to parse and render markdown not only well but fast. In the two years I've been working on this app of and on I've went through multiple differently libraries before I decided it'd be worthwhile to actually go and find the best one once and for all instead of just trying random ones, and so I decided to benchmark the top five I could find.

Every app that doesn't only consist of one single UI needs some form of navigation - to enable users to move between different screens and to display information or react to events. This week, let's take a look at a few different options for dealing with navigation in Swift apps, focusing on iOS thi

Lightweight parser for the complex JSON:API ( structure.

GarlandView seamlessly transitions between multiple lists of content.

A lightweight UICollectionViewLayout that 'pages' and centers its cells 🎡 written in Swift.

Roadmap to becoming an iOS developer in 2018.

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