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WWDC 2019 - The Things You May Have Missed
I tried to collect some of the announcements that may have been shadowed by the bigger announcements in a single and short post. Every item has an associated source or link where you can learn more about it.
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Better apps. Less code.
The @propertyWrapper can be used to remove a lot of boilerplate code. See how you can benefit from property wrappers and clean up your code.

A look back at a mind-blowing week for Apple platform developers, and a look forward at the future of software development.

Let’s take a first look at UIKit and AppKit’s powerful new diffable data sources for table views and collection views.

This week, let’s take a look at those features, and how learning more about them — and how they work — can let us gain a more thorough understanding of SwiftUI’s API and how it was built.
How do you design good abstractions? By using abstractions that already exist.

Expand your knowledge of Combine, Apple's new unified, declarative framework for processing values over time.

iOS 13 combines powerful new multitasking and productivity technologies with a refreshed look and feel for all applications.

Libraries & Tools
Xcode module generator for an architecture that solves the common Massive View Controller problem in iOS apps. 
Since SwiftUI views are just plain old structs, they can easily be made Codable, which means that a view hierarchy can be decoded directly from JSON!