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A Repository Full of Our Best Practices in iOS Development
Here's a scenario fellow iOS developers will find familiar: iOS development projects you work on come in all shapes and sizes, but as varied as they get, the same pesky problems in them appear repeatedly. And just when you've solved a problem in one project, it reappears in the next one, like in that bunny hammer game.

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Working on a large iOS codebase often involves a lot of waiting. But with Xcode 11, our wait is finally over — and it’s all thanks to SwiftUI.

How we implemented dark mode at Instagram.

ARC, Strong, Weak and Unowned Explained.
As an iOS developer, you probably recur to UserDefaults all the time to save and retrieve local data.

Apple's new OSes are out. If you've looked through the documentation, you may have noticed that the prototype for objc_msgSend has changed.
Libraries & Tools
The new Transporter app for macOS makes it easy to upload your binary to App Store Connect.
Crash capturing library for Apple platforms.

And as an Apple software developer, I live through the Summer beta periods. On my secondary machine. But Catalina has been different.