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How to Prevent Traveling through Time on iOS
What if I told you smartphones can be manipulated to access content which was only supposed to be available for a limited period of time?

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To build this new version of Messenger, we needed to rebuild the architecture from the ground up and rewrite the entire codebase.

Where to use CloudKit?

Why you shouldn't use or imitate the text fields from Google's Material Design UI library.

The process of software development is as much about developer-to-self and developer-to-others interaction, as much as it is about making the machine do certain things.
Libraries & Tools
Timelane - an Xcode Instrument helping developers profile asynchronous code.

Markdown parsing and rendering for iOS and OS X.

We’re delighted to announce ArgumentParser, a new open-source library that makes it straightforward — even enjoyable! — to parse command-line arguments in Swift.