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SwiftUI is here to knock UIKit out of its shoes
Another WWDC is behind us and oh boy, did they leave us with some cool new kids in town. We were kind of expecting a new UI framework that's packing Swift's power under the hood, but the extent of it caught us by surprise.

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In addition to the way errors are handled, there's another big difference between RxSwift and Combine: the concept of backpressure.

Many of us reserve stack views for only the most mundane layouts in iOS. But learn of their myriad capabilities, and you’ll come to scoff at the idea of fiddling with Auto Layout constraints yourself ever again.

With iOS 13, the presentation style of ViewControllers will be changed into a card mode. 

Learn how Grand Central Dispatch helps you write better and cleaner asynchronous Swift code.

It's that time again: time for more programming craziness.
The book is being made available at no cost. The content for this book, including sample code and tests is available on GitHub at
Libraries & Tools
A collection of Swift Property Wrappers (formerly "Property Delegates")
Apple introduced in iOS 13 the ability to design your own haptic experiences using the new AHAP file.
This tool provides a quick and easy way to graphically design your own patterns.

You don't have the time to watch all the WWDC session videos yourself? No problem I extracted the gist for you 🥳