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What’s new in Swift 5.1
Swift 5.0 arrived in Xcode 10.2, but work has been underway on its successor for months and there’s already lots to look forward to.
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Specialization is the key to mastery; functional programming specializes only on function. Thats all there is. The mastery with FP is to reduce complexity, which is what software engineering is all about.
Have I done everything in my power to make this API as easy to use, and as clear, as I possibly can?

Building chat in-house is difficult. Read CTO Harry Kim's personal experience building chat to learn why it could lead to wasted engineering resources.

The degree to which you know how your software behaves is the degree to which you have accurately tested it.

I needed to create a “rain” of objects (nodes) that are generated continuously, frame by frame, like it was actually rain. In a few simple steps, I will show you how to create this type of effect.

How to teach Xcode to respect the Environment.

This tutorial will demonstrate how to handle and display thousands of points of data on an iOS map in a way people understand and enjoy.

Libraries & Tools
An open source app for viewing algorithms and data structures implemented in Swift. 🤓