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Developing Apps for iOS
The best iOS course is back, now with SwiftUI and MVVM.
ft. Paul Hegarty @ Stanford
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Swift 5.3 is going to be an exciting new release. This post is a showcase of the latest Swift programming language features.

VSCode is a cross-platform text and source code editor from Microsoft, and among the first tools to support Language Server Protocol.
Learn how to automate measurement runs with Instruments.

Expressible literals can extend your Swift types and make it possible to initialize them by using a String, array, integer or other types directly.

This week we will talk about building a state container similar to Redux and The Elm Architecture that provides a single source of truth for your app.
Libraries & Tools
We are releasing a mini-library that makes it easy to use Core Location inside the Composable Architecture.

Haskell is a blend of cutting edge research and well-tested, time-proven technology.