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Swift Generics Manifesto
Not all of these features will happen, either soon or ever, but they are intended to be a fairly complete whole that should mesh together.
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Not many people know that Apple introduced some interesting automation capabilities in Xcode 9 via URL schemes.
Integrating certain SDKs can have irreversible consequences.

Languages that support first class functions enable you to use functions and methods just like any other object or value. You can pass them as arguments, save them in properties or return them from another function. In order words, the language treats functions as "first class citizens".
We cannot trust data providers by default and we don’t want to think about data security all the time. So we choose to retain control over sensitive data while we store and share it.

Have you written unit tests this year? Flawless team collected articles, tutorials & guides on Unit Testing with Swift from 2017 to help you out…

RxFlow is a navigation framework for iOS applications based on a Reactive Flow Coordinator pattern.

 Xcode extension to paste JSON as Swift, Obj-C++, Java and more.
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