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The Hidden Trap in Selective Table View and Collection View Reloads
Learn how to properly update cells in a table view or collection view without crashing.

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Learn about the possibilities in configuring launch screens. Use a storyboard or a plist configuration with SwiftUI.
Apple adds a new way to control where the back button will pick up its title.
Whether your app needs to provide a full web browsing experience, display richly-styled content, or incorporate external websites without taking people out of your app.
What is a best in class iOS app? How are they built, and can we quantify what makes them great?

Richard is a member of the Elm core team, the author of Elm in Action from Manning Publications, and the instructor for the Intro to Elm and Advanced Elm.

Tools & Libraries
An Xcode extension (plugin) to generate Swift test doubles automatically.

As of Xcode 12b3, SwiftUI inputs automatically avoid the keyboard! No extra work needed.
iOS 14 beta 3 introduces .redacted(reason: .placeholder) to generate a placeholder view of any SwiftUI view.