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SwiftUI 2.0: The Future is Declarative
Has SwiftUI overcome its initial shortcomings and brought significant improvements in the version 2.0?

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Let’s look at SwiftUI in iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur by evaluating Apple’s Fruta sample app.

Diffable Data Sources simplify data managing in UIKit apps with several benefits. Adopt this new API with ease and benefit too!

Did you know it's possible to terminate your app in the middle of an XCUITest and launch it again from somewhere else?
Three language features around Swift enumeration that you might not aware of.

Level up your apps and games with the Game Controller framework and easily build in support for popular console game controllers.
These guideline changes and clarifications support new features in upcoming OS releases.
Updated to include Swift 2.0 controls - Includes State, Binding, ObservableObject, MVVM, Web API, Core Data, Core ML.