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Swifty Objective-C
Even though we are currently still stuck in the Objective-C world, it is not all that grim! With some ingenuity one can leverage many of the benefits of Swift even in a code base like ours. Here we'll list some of the approaches we use to bring the old and new world closer together.
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Adding features to a large, existing codebase is a challenge that many engineers will face in their coding career. But there is a way to overcome it…

Unless you were a Math Geek or an Ancient Greek, Geometry probably wasn’t your favorite subject in school. 

Perform undo-redo actions in a more simple way

So an app can either show the settings inside the app or in the phone settings. Which option you choose depends on how you expect users to interact with preferences. 
 In this article, we propose an architecture to implement a scalable solution to Deep Linking on iOS using an underlying Flow Controller-based architecture.
This post is a very concise way of looking at what each functor, applicative and monad means.
Learn how to draw an animated map route on iOS and MKMapView