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What does GDPR mean for Mobile App Owners - 12 Use Cases
12 helpful GDPR Use Cases for App Owners, Product Owners and everyone who wants to develop a Mobile App. The article helps to create a GDPR-compliant App.

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Swift 4.1 is available since a few days now and it comes with an interesting feature: Conditional conformance. This is a new tool for achieving Protocol Oriented Programming as well as API designing. This post is a quick take on this brand new technic and will be followed for sure by deep dive posts in a few weeks.

UIDynamics have been available since iOS 7, and its a very powerful tool that allow us to create complex interactions pretty simply.

Like many abstractions and patterns in programming, the goal of the builder pattern  is to reduce the need to keep mutable state - resulting in objects that are simpler and generally more predictable. By enabling objects to become stateless , they are usually much easier to test and debug

Protocols with associated types are one of the most powerful, expressive, and flexible features of Swift, but they can complicate your code if you aren’t careful. One of the best ways to control their complexity is to add constraints using them, which restricts how they are used.
A modern In-App Purchases management framework for iOS developers.

MerchantKit dramatically simplifies the work indie developers have to do in order to add premium monetizable components to their applications. Track purchased products, retrieve purchases, manage subscription expiration dates, restore transactions, validate receipts, and more.
Here's list of Swift tips & tricks with all additional sources (playgrounds, images).
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