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Turning the ChibiStudio canvas into an App Clip for iOS 14
Gui Rambo writes about his coding and reverse engineering adventures.

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withAnimation by default does not come with a completion callback. Using a simple code extension you can implement this yourself.

When writing code we come up with method or function names all the time. And it is pretty much up to us developers how to name our methods.
Rust macros allow cursed chimeric languages to exist.

Why you should be opting for local tooling when working with sensitive data, even Non-Production ones.

If you've been waiting for your state or country to release a coronavirus exposure tracing app, good news: iOS 13.7 will allow notifications without apps.

The App Store is dedicated to providing a great experience for everyone.
SE-0287: "Extend implicit member syntax to cover chains of member references" being accepted. This is great!