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On working with designers
Here are some principles and practical advice for better understanding and working alongside designers, and how to avoid some of the failure modes I’ve seen along the way.

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Swift 5.1 introduces new opaque types – types where we’re told about the capabilities of an object without knowing specifically what kind of object it is.
We’ll show you how to build a simple stretchy layout effect using Auto Layout, and then add some polish for iOS 11 and iPhone X.

It’s clear that this year’s WWDC is going to be a doozy. Of course I’m talking about Marzipan, a technology Apple introduced with few details during last year’s Keynote. 

Recursions are functions that call themselves. They are equivalent to loops… except they’re not.
Protocol-oriented programming is strongly recommended in the Swift community. However, there has not been a lot of attention on when it is not appropriate, and what to do in that case.

Libraries & Tools
This is a Swift port of Ruby's Faker library that generates fake data.

Linux shell for iOS.