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WWDC 2017: What to Expect for Actual Developers!
Only one week until Christmas in June! You've read all the rumors, but what should actual developers expect?

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UIDebuggingInformationOverlay is a private UIWindow subclass created by Apple, presumably to help developers and designers debug Apple’s own iOS apps.
private gets boost in Swift 4.
Swift’s @autoclosure attribute enables you to define an argument that automatically gets wrapped in a closure. It’s primarily used to defer execution of a (potentially expensive) expression to when it’s actually needed, rather than doing it directly when the argument is passed.

Decorations, floating views, and autosizing views - @richturton explores the parts of collection view layouts other articles don’t reach

Security is not a set of methods, it’s a system. It’s better to think about threats and trust as early as you can.

If you want to write a few less lines of code and keep up-to-date with the latest Core Data enhancements, read to learn more about NSPersistentContainer!

Lightweight observations and bindings in Swift.
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