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Open Sourcing isowords
We're open sourcing the entire code base to our newly released iOS word game, isowords!

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Series of Combine framework programming related blog posts.

Learn how to use aspect fit and aspect fill content mode to fit your image to its bounds.

Apple suggest to aim for a total app launch time of under 400ms and you must do it in less than 20 seconds or the system will kill your app. 
A build system, despite its scary-sounding name, is just a regular program, which knows how to build other programs.
Instead of trying to come up with a blanket rule, I recommend trying to understand how references work and how retain cycles happen. 
Tools & Libraries
Creates XCFramework bundles for the products in your Swift Package and uploads them as Artifacts you can attach to a release.

Actors allow you as a programmer to declare that a bag of state is held within a concurrency domain and then define multiple operations that act upon it.