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Picking your minimum iOS version to support
Which minimum iOS version should you support? Which devices will I drop support for and how to decide based on facts. Convince your colleagues with data.

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It might not be obvious that we can create a custom environment value, but we can do that. The steps to create one are not as straightforward as we usually do, but it isn't hard if you know how to do it.

Have you ever had issues with Xcode not symbolicating crashes? Me too, and I found the fix by reverse engineering the IDE.

How to improve test failures with attachments and grouping related test output.

With this alpha release, customers can try clients for all of the supported AWS services and provide feedback on ergonomics and usability.
“Under His Eye,” she says. The right farewell. “Under His Eye,” I reply, and she gives a little nod.

What are the penalties in real-world use for running your code on Icestorm cores, using around 10% of the power used by Firestorms?

On the shift from imperative to declarative UI, and what it might mean for the apps we build today and tomorrow.