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What I learned from Software Engineering at Google
When I first picked up Software Engineering at Google I thought it was another one of those FAANG books full of lessons that make no sense at human scale. I was surprised, lessons apply to teams as small as 5.

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Hmmmm, how fast is this piece of code? Let's find out!

We talk about using the Image I/O and Core Graphics APIs to improve the image loading and cropping performance in the PSPDFKit iOS SDK.

Dependency Injection using latest Swift features allows you to mock data, and write tests easily without 3rd party dependencies.

Series of Combine framework programming related blog posts.

Learn how to change button configuration, e.g., title and color, based on the internal and external changes.

Malin Sundberg joins John to talk about her experiences of using SwiftUI to build and ship the time-tracking and invoicing app Orbit on most of Apple’s platforms.

9 new SwiftUI 3 features in practice.