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How these 5 iOS apps could improve their startup time
A detailed look at the startup times for 5 popular apps from the App Store and actionable insights for how they can be improved.

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Learn how to use UIViewController as a SwiftUI view.

The notch is being replaced by the dynamic island. Here's a recap of what's changed with the 2022 iPhone 14 screen sizes.

Live Activities help people stay on top of what’s happening in your app in real time, right from the Lock Screen. You can now get started with Live Activities and the new ActivityKit framework, which are available in the beta 4 version of iOS 16.

Toolbars API allows you to define the toolbar and its items in a very declarative way behaving differently on separate platforms. The next generation of the SwiftUI framework brings us more ways of customizing toolbars.
Use control flow statements inside a WidgetBundle to return a different set of widgets base on a if-statement condition.

News & Updates
Swift 5.7 is now officially released! Swift 5.7 includes major additions to the language and standard library, enhancements to the compiler for a better developer experience, improvements to tools in the Swift ecosystem including SourceKit-LSP and the Swift Package Manager, refined Windows support, and more.

WeatherKit brings valuable weather information to your apps and services through a wide range of data that can help people stay up to date, safe, and prepared.
Composable Architecture got a huge update since it's first release. The library has all new concurrency tools allowing you to construct complex effects using structured concurrency, tie effect lifetimes to view lifetimes while keeping your code 100% testable.
Customization is back, and Apple’s having fun again.