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Reverse Engineering UIKit to Fix Our Top Crash
This blog post describes the process of reverse engineering UIKit to identify and fix our top crash in PSPDFKit for iOS.

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If you have ever worked with an app with multiple alerts, please beware that the system can present only the latest or outermost one. Let's see how we can mitigate this.

I've been playing with intelligent code generation for a couple of years now, and I'd like to show you how to achieve this with SourceKit.

Throwing properties and custom subscripts that throw allows us to catch failures from read-only accessors and handle unhappy paths.

Various techniques that let us define fully dynamic colors that adapt to the user’s selected color scheme, using either SwiftUI or UIKit.

Swift always had its own documentation format, but the introduction of DocC in Xcode 13 added some cool new features.

Causing Bugs Even When They Don't Happen.