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Importing Swift packages into a playground in Xcode 12
An exciting new feature in Xcode 12 is that Swift packages can now be directly imported into a playground.

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The compiler already does a good job translating Objective-C APIs to Swift's standards, but what if you want them to be translated to something completely different?

iOS 14 brings Lazy Stacks, ProgressView, ColorPickers, labels, grids, and more.

Here’s how to use Xcode and the Finder to view your app’s issues and take action.

A ValueTransformer allows to store types like UIColor, CGRect, and CGPoint in Core Data. Storing URLs as absolute URLs can result in lost data.

I wanted to share a technique I have been using for a while now to deal with constructing a UI hierarchy and managing navigation.

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Automatically display Log, Crash, Network, ANR, Leak, CPU, RAM, FPS, NetFlow, Folder and etc with one line of code based on Swift.
The new iOS 14 privacy feature spells trouble for advertising agencies and promises to end an era of personalized ads.