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Swift Charts Tutorial: Getting Started
Learn how to use Swift Charts to transform data into elegant and accessible graphs.

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It’s all in the name: @dynamicCallable in Swift allows you to dynamically call methods using an alternative syntax. While it’s primarily syntactic sugar, it can be good to know why it exists and how it can be used.

Learn how to use Proof Key for Code Exchange (PKCE) authentication flow to access APIs with your Swift iOS apps.

Generally, sites (including Apple) explain that marking a function with @MainActor guarantees that it will always run on main.

Some list style has section separators. Let's learn how to remove them.

A DSL, short for Domain Specific Language, can be explained as a special kind of API that focuses on providing a simple syntax that's tailored to working within a specific domain. Swift's type inference and overloading capabilities also make it a really great language to build DSLs in - and this week, let's do just that.

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There’s a lot of exciting work going on in the Swift project, and it’s hard to keep track of it all because it’s happening in many different repositories, pull requests, and forum threads. To give the community a better view of the big picture, the Core Team surveyed workgroups and developers across the project and collected information about what they’re focused on over the next year.

I simply want to make the best apps. I don’t want to pick and choose frameworks to do it.