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Swift language announcements from WWDC22
Swift has evolved significantly during the past year, and we’ve seen two large updates to the language. Swift 5.6 was released in March 2022 and introduced major improvements to the type system, concurrency model and Swift ecosystem. Find out more what is preparing for Swift 5.7.

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With iOS 16 find out all big improvements done to lineLimit modifier. You can now set different varieties of limits to have more control over text inside your app.
One of the new SwiftUI views released during WWDC22 was LabeledContent. And it became one of my favorite views that I try to use everywhere because it fits very well into Human Design Guidelines. This week we will learn how to use LabeledContent to provide a platform-oriented experience.

ImageRenderer is a new class, introduced iniOS 16, that can also let you convert a view into a PDF document. Find out how.
How to configure the column visibility, width and style of a SwiftUI NavigationSplitView.

It is important to have stable unit-tests and UI-tests since no-one wants to encounter failures in tests which happen non-deterministically.

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The iOS 16 Maps app didn't get as many changes as some of the other apps in the update, but there is at least one major change that's worth noting -- multi-stop routing. Multi-stop routing is a long-awaited Maps feature, plus there are a few other new options.

The design app's ADA is driven by the Procreate team's guiding principle: Art is for everyone.

Let's take a look at why it can be important to actively prevent developers from writing workarounds in a project.