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Develop Apps with SwiftUI
Create apps using SwiftUI and Xcode. Build Scrumdinger, an app that keeps track of daily scrums.
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Amazing thread about Uber’s almost-catastrophic Swift rewrite.

A blog post showing a glimpse of where our people work.

If you are working on iOS for long enough, there is a chance that you might have known that DateFormatter is expensive, but what is costly about DateFormatter?
Make use of methods like map, flatMap, flatMapError, and clean up your code.

Wrapping up the weekly article series with three of my major overall learnings after close to four years of continuous writing about Swift.

A journey into cameras, RAW, and a look at what makes ProRAW so special — and how it could change how everyone shoots and edits on iPhone.

I am delighted to introduce a new open source project for the Swift Server ecosystem, SwiftNIO SSH.