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Redux-like state container in SwiftUI. Swift concurrency model.
Building Redux-like state containers by applying the new Swift concurrency model.
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Learn how you can use Combine to improve error handling in your SwiftUI apps

How to set up environments for your iOS app. Learn about Xcode targets, schemes, build settings and user defined settings.
Learn why SwiftUI previews keep getting paused and how to improve the situation.

This week it’s all about manipulating the Shape type. Let’s see what trim() can do for us.
Using a custom alignment guide to control which view is centered in a SwiftUI stack.
Learn how to use the redacted view modifier in SwiftUI to create skeleton views while data is being loaded.
If you prefer to review pull requests with an editor but hate the clone or checkout process, you can enjoy the review process without the hassle with new web-based editor.
Apple News & Updates
Apple announced it has identified even more ways to update AirTag safety warnings and help guard against unwanted tracking of people and property.
Teardowns via CT scans.
Why you shouldn't use pixelation for redacting text and why it is a great way to get your data leaked.