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Which of the SwiftUI APIs introduced in iOS 15 are backward compatible?
Let’s take a look at which of the new SwiftUI APIs that are backward compatible with earlier OS versions, and what language features that made that possible.

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Code that relies on memory tricks to work can be complicated, but there's a solid way of unit testing these cases.

By learning about the key path, you open up yourself to an opportunity to improve your existing API or even create a new one that you don't aware you can do it.

Presentation tips can help you perform professional Swift talks by making sure you’re well prepared.
What to keep in mind when writing your modules and libraries.
My housemate the other day asked me something to the effect of “How can Software Engineers call themselves engineers when there’s no rules, governing bodies, or anything to stipulate what true Software Engineering is?”

he time we’re saving not building custom code is now invested in the long tail of UX details that really make products feel great on Apple platforms.
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