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Getting started with Unit Tests in Swift
Write unit tests to validate your code. Make use of best practices and tips to be more efficient and productive by writing better unit tests.

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One of the significant additions to the current iteration of the SwiftUI framework was window management APIs. We can open a separate window using the new environment APIs and create a menu bar app using the new scene APIs. This week we will learn how to use new window management APIs in SwiftUI.

Let’s explore some scenarios in which the SwiftUI environment stays in memory, even after the views are removed from screen.

Why does my CI never finish and post a message to the merge request? Logged in to CI and oh, my merge job had been running for 23 minutes already, although typically it finishes in 4 minutes. What …

Arrays are the most commonly used data type in Swift. You will often use them as they are the most versatile data structure.

By default, if an iOS app gets a notification while the app is in the Foreground, the notification banner won't show up. Since iOS 10, you can change this behavior. Let's learn how to do it.

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